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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

nak duit lebih? (part 2)..jgn malu nk join..=P

this time, it's not about perfume. the other way to find pocket money. i've seen this ads before but at that time the package was too expensive for student. this guy, mawardee has teach me on how to deal with internet...bisnes of cos...
then, a link that i've click..Alhamdulillah..tibe2 terbuka niat di hati nk join... x susah..senang saja...just promote our own link..then, we'll get commission...so..i'm telling u...juz visit tis website..cool man..
any Q, feel free to ask me..or the administrator...


check it out huh...dun miss it...daa..=P ($_$)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

nk duit Lebih? (part 1)..tiru la mcm saya...

hey people outhere...i've been thinking what am i going to do next...finding a job nowadays it's quite difficult...still...i'm thinking about being a lecturer..haha...

so..my uncle have done a bussiness...actually a partnership with his friend in selling perfume.. the product is quite similar to ONEDROPPERFUME..just this time.. the bottle is larger 2x or 3x from that particular one drop.. i've been using one of the perfume..and it is proved to be sensed at least all day...after i've taken my bath...the smell still sticks wif me... hahah...

now... i'm not talking about the perfume itself but the marketing plan. when u buy this product...secara tidak langsung u will be the member of the club..so.. anda akan memperoleh komisen bg setiap produk yg dijual. setakat ni...Alhamdulillah...saya dapat la duit poket lebih cket...sonok je berbelanja..hehe...

nk tau lebih detail...go to this website...dah berkenan..jgn segan nk daftar ye..register now!!!!



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

huhu...sgt merindukan budak kecik ni...n my hubby 2...

apabila ditanya ttg kegembiraan...sy akan menjawab dengan pantas..." nurin batrisya"...hahah...she is my cousin, an one year old infant yang sangat nakal n tak dapat duduk diam..the way she plays buat saya rs sgt geram..nk cubit2 je pipi die 2..hehe...sangat la chomel..alahai...nk dapat anak sendiri for sure lambat la lagi..
gambar ni la yang menjadi pengubat windu..heheh..
check it out...

that's the baby... now...the secret is revealed.. si die ni sangat suke berleter..marah sy..xleh wat 2..wat ni...tp...that's him...i love the way he is...
apepun yang berlaku, he's the one, no doubt...so other guys, stop seducing me...x layan la korang...=P

dear my luvey duvey, i'm here for u..no matter what..heheh... saranghae uppa!

i think..that's all for mengarut part...tata...thesis is waiting 4 me...=P

new year...new mooon....n still the old me.. (",)

yeaahhaaa...it's 2010 already n it's january..the first month of life changes..but..am i going to change? of cos...changing in term of age..grew older for a year..22 years old..i wish i can freeze my teenage time forever..sadly admitted that as we grow older, a lot of problems need to be handled.

2010, the year of i'm waiting for graduating..hopefully, i could made it on time. graduation..hurm..still thinking whether i should further my studies or just finding a career to end with. the best solution: discussing with my parents and surprisingly they just let me made my own decision. however, i know deep in their heart, they want me to have a career as a teacher. being a teacher is actually hard for me. i'm not a patience person especially with children. oh god..what should i do..

naah...just leave the mess for a while. My thesis is on the way. just waiting to interprete the spectra and state the results. i hope everthing will be fine as i've planned. i have to focus on the usage maybe..or some improvement on the adduct. I hope the crystals are fine enough to get an A for this project.

talking about still the old me...yes...i'm still like before, a cheerful person, laughter and joy fill the day but in proper manner of course. i think i am going to a stage that we call "maturism". haha..gosh!! dun blame me for being a mature girl. No more silly things, just trying to be a perfect lady. (><)

rite now, just spending some time writing my dear lonely blog.. sorry for not updating so much "gossips". love to keep my blog "clean". Neway, i'm having a great year with my buddies...

thanks kema, sya, yana, mirah, pae, sarah n suzi for being such a good friend to me..
and...hope we can succeed our finals with flying colors... amiiinnn...=P

that's all for now..
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