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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new year...new mooon....n still the old me.. (",)

yeaahhaaa...it's 2010 already n it's january..the first month of life changes..but..am i going to change? of cos...changing in term of age..grew older for a year..22 years old..i wish i can freeze my teenage time forever..sadly admitted that as we grow older, a lot of problems need to be handled.

2010, the year of i'm waiting for graduating..hopefully, i could made it on time. graduation..hurm..still thinking whether i should further my studies or just finding a career to end with. the best solution: discussing with my parents and surprisingly they just let me made my own decision. however, i know deep in their heart, they want me to have a career as a teacher. being a teacher is actually hard for me. i'm not a patience person especially with children. oh god..what should i do..

naah...just leave the mess for a while. My thesis is on the way. just waiting to interprete the spectra and state the results. i hope everthing will be fine as i've planned. i have to focus on the usage maybe..or some improvement on the adduct. I hope the crystals are fine enough to get an A for this project.

talking about still the old me...yes...i'm still like before, a cheerful person, laughter and joy fill the day but in proper manner of course. i think i am going to a stage that we call "maturism". haha..gosh!! dun blame me for being a mature girl. No more silly things, just trying to be a perfect lady. (><)

rite now, just spending some time writing my dear lonely blog.. sorry for not updating so much "gossips". love to keep my blog "clean". Neway, i'm having a great year with my buddies...

thanks kema, sya, yana, mirah, pae, sarah n suzi for being such a good friend to me..
and...hope we can succeed our finals with flying colors... amiiinnn...=P

that's all for now..

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