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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

nak duit lebih? (part 2)..jgn malu nk join..=P

this time, it's not about perfume. the other way to find pocket money. i've seen this ads before but at that time the package was too expensive for student. this guy, mawardee has teach me on how to deal with internet...bisnes of cos...
then, a link that i've click..Alhamdulillah..tibe2 terbuka niat di hati nk join... x susah..senang saja...just promote our own link..then, we'll get commission...so..i'm telling u...juz visit tis website..cool man..
any Q, feel free to ask me..or the administrator...


check it out huh...dun miss it...daa..=P ($_$)

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