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Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY hols....

salam kepada kawan2 sume....weird huh as I'm not updating my blog for a quite long time.. ma frens were complaining...tak de gosip baru ke???????? actually...there are lots of gossips ler...but..i'm not gonna to spit them out..hush hush lagie....sowie yer kawang2...

UMT has given a week for student to go home...eh..but how many of us are actually going home this break? i wonder...why there are some people not including my friends, rarely go home? they don't like to be home? or they just love to spend their time away from home? pelik3...(verse upin n ipin)

as for me...i love to be home..so do my parents... every week i want to stay at home..hahah..mm..manje tol...eh..ma parents always said.."tak pe la along balik sokmo...esok2 dah kawen tak leh duduk ngan ma n abah dah.." selalu je dorang gune ayat tu..huhu..sedih lak rasa.. now i know the reason of eldest daughter or son choose to get married late..hhuhuhu...

as far as i know..most of my friends have already gone home and perhaps some of them are skipping classes..naughty students maa...however, that's their choices..so..let it be..

my BFF (",)...kema n pae have already gone home yesterday..ooppss not yesterday..on tuesday..haha..so early huh? yup...both of them were homesick..kesian..but its normal if they haven't see their parents for months...me? homesick? sometimes..hehe..bocor rahsia..only my roommates know as they used to see my homesick "face"..sangat tak comel.. =(

about this hols...hurm..still thinking nk beraya kat mane..haha..if I'm lucky I'll get angpow..sonoknyer... usually, this festival, my parents will get a box, large box of LOKAM...best...mkn free... =P so do the KUIH BULAN n KUIH BAKUL..but..i'm not into them....ade yang tak sedap..huhu..sorry..

for all my friends that will celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR, happy chines new year..may all your dreams come true..hope you'll get prosperity and share with us eh? hehehe...

ok laa...find new idea to write again soon...daaa...


  1. haha. jiroh. xaci nme pae n kema jek, ksi nm aku femes sket :p

  2. haha...next tyme...bukan stakat sebut nama jer...mu kna jd model untuk bisnes aku...lalala =P


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