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Friday, August 14, 2009

teenagers nowadays are lack of manners?

The title sounds creepy...and quite rude or maybe some of teens out there blame me.. no heart feelings..I'm a teenager either and i just want to emphasize the things that has happened a few days ago.. the scene involves the teens/students and waiter...it is a shame when i have to admit that most of the teens behave this way..

let's begin...on that day, my friend and i went to this restaurant for dinner..it was quite busy that time and incredibly that day the restaurant was fulled with customers. I could notice the tauke also helped her workers at the kitchen as they ran out of waiters. we sat in front of the TV but nobody came to take our orders, so we decide to write on our own.

a few minutes later..or should i say an half hour later.. we still did not get our drinks and food..but drinks for persons behind us arrived earlier even though they were late..Unfair.. but suddenly..as been told by my friend she heard the group of female behind us used the harsh words to the waiter.." eh? kitorang x order pon ni...da la lambat..ni salah ni".." rileks2x..kalo ye pon lap la peluh kat dahi tu.." I did not hear the conversation as too busy watching "manjalara"..

however, when the waiter, a school girl actually, maybe one of the family members of the owner.. came to our table..i can see the teardrops fell on her left cheek..i did not know what had happened but when my friend told me..i turned back..i looked them and i kept thinking.."what if they were at the waiter's position, with a lot of stress, fatigue and has to deal with people yang banyak karenah mcm diorang..what would they feel?"

Clearly..they had never practiced the EQ..
it's true that they are born with great IQ..but they surely cannot survive in the real world without EQ..
I'm just upset..some people would insult others to prove that they are the best among the best...
however, do remember..walaupun di dunia ini kita berbeza, tapi di akhirat kita tetap sama..manusia biasa, hamba Allah yang hina.. all of us are from the same root...dengan setitis air mani..dan tiupan roh..wujudlah kita di dunia ini..
jadi...renungkanlah... I'm not that perfect..i know what others feel when they are facing this kind of situation..i don't know why, but I've learned to use my EQ well..

so...lastly..i hope..that no more "backtalkings" about teens that lack of manners..teenagers will lead the world someday..just..be the best for ourselves and others...


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